Trac Gard Tire and Wheel White Steel (set of 4)

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Trac Gard 18x8.50-8 4ply  Golf cart Tire Mounted on a New 8x7 Steel Wheel.

The tires are ready to be installed on the Golf Cart right out of the box.

No Need to have them Mounted just put them on the cart and go.

Tires are (Dot) rated for street use.

Product variations
205/50-10 4ply/10x7 Steel
Assembly: 205/50-10 4ply/10x7 Steel
$292.00 *
18x8.50-8 4ply/8x7 White Wheel
Assembly: 18x8.50-8 4ply/8x7 White Wheel
$180.00 *
18x8.50-8 4ply/8x7 Almond Wheel
Assembly: 18x8.50-8 4ply/8x7 Almond Wheel
$180.00 *
Prices includes sales tax, plus Delivery
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